Be Part of a Revolution in Convenience Store Business!! RealTime Networking (RTN) is a pioneering software company that offers integrated suite of complementing applications and software solutions for retail businesses and convenience stores to manage, automate and mobilize their business in real time.

Our software products are responsive to real time sales and store operations allowing retailers and c-store business owners to connect to critical data on the go, 24X7 on any smart device. Now Store owners can experience business events as they happen.

We’re constantly innovating and creating software solutions that are simple to use, work on realtime technology, have intuitive interface and address the demanding needs of retail business processes so that you can focus on what matters the most - your business. The RealTime Networking Software products give a 360 degree view of the daily business operations.

What is RealTime Networking?

RealTime Networking is the combination of hardware and software systems that responds to a ‘Real Time’ constant. Applications running on RealTime Networks and Operating Systems are designed to ensure availability of zero error business data updates when you need them the most. You can make critical business decisions on a real time basis.

Found in November 1, 2013, we are the world leader in providing intelligent decision-support systems and applied artificial intelligence technologies to better manage operations at convenience stores, grocery stores, and general retailers. These end to end solutions are customizable to any business like restaurants, hotels, liquor stores etc.

RealTime Networking allows you to connect with your business data on any smart device with a desktop support interface. These software and applications packages are compatible with external hardware tools such the POS Terminals, Printer, Barcode Scanner to achieve superior business performance.

How Does RealTime Networking Help Your Business?

Our Suite of Software Applications and Product Packs consist of Five Specific Application Solutions and Two Software Programs that comprehensively manage and automate any convenience store business. With RealTime Networking, you can now monitor the operations at Point of Sale (POS App), Lottery Business (LAI App), Game Room Payins and Payouts (GR App) the inventory of gas at the station (FM App) and loyalty and customer feedback programs (CS App). All these occur in real time. The POS App and Lottery tracking (LAI App) systems are responsive to real time sales. The system monitors the fastest moving items, profit margins, and whether the store goods are achieving sales goals as set by the owner. The Apps help to reduce paperwork by 90% and increase human efficiency by 100%. With this software you can now close store shifts using the App or PC in a matter of minutes, rather than having to sit up late nights complete the arduous task.

An integrated iPad based POS software compatible with RealTime Back Office software and 3rd party vendors’ systems. A fully integrated Back Office Software is the complete solution for any convenience store business.

Our premier software packs customized for the Retail and Wholesale Distribution domain are compatible with Electronic Invoice (EDI) supported by 3rd party vendors. It is guaranteed to give you total control over inventory, pricing and margins and helps you improve your store operations and the bottom line of the business. The software includes central price book capabilities, Export to CSV, Export to ASCII, Export to Excel, Export to QuickBooks and Peachtree.

At Realtime Networking, we strive to make managing your business simpler and your everyday easier. We do this keeping your best interests at the forefront and working to make your business performance exceptional always.