Lottery Artificial Intelligence

RealTime Networking brings a revolutionary product called the ‘Lottery Artificial Intelligence’ which is sure to change the complete shape of Retail Industry. It is specially designed for the C-stores. LAI makes the entire process automatic and eliminates complete paper work. It gives precise report of the ticket sales, alerts us the status of activated tickets not sold and helps us in maximizing our profit. First time in history a lottery app has been integrated with the ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and the sole aim of this is to guarantee you 100% work efficiency eliminating total labor from your side.

LAI closely monitors and analyzes the movement of each of your tickets. Based on ticket sales, the app gives you real time reports as to which tickets needs to be added and which should be terminated. It also sends alerts and warnings. So by incorporating the app you can be assured to make the maximum utilization of your resources by allotting your outlet space for the right products.

It is really simple to use this app. All a lottery/store operator needs to do is scan the barcode of the first available ticket in the lottery roll at end of the shift. And we give you multiple options for this; you can either use an external device scanner or simply take a picture from your Smartphone device and get real-time updates within seconds anywhere in the world 24x7

Main Features of LAI

  • LAI eradicates complete paper work and fully takes over the business giving liberty to humans from the entire process.
  • It gives you real-time data updates at the end of your shifts or whenever required.
  • Its ease of use and simplicity in design makes it the best user friendly device suitable for anyone.
  • Full-fledged automated system which keeps you in hold with your business 24x7.
  • Business at your beck and call – get updated reports and the power to make decisions on the go.
  • LAI is available in the mobile versions of iPhone, Android and Windows platforms.
  • AI is highly receptive to every change made in the system and it presents valid sales reports and suggestions in real time.


Login Page

Using the Login credentials recieved after the registration process

Home Page

Detailed View of Currrent Running Shift

Left Side Menu

Admin Functions and Reports

Right Side Menu

All the Main Functions



Select the Scanning Modes and Other Settings

Update Inventory

Update all the tickets in your inventory using: Bluetooth scanner or device Camera or Manual

Activate Tickets

Activate each ticket in the required box by providing pack position and pack order

Close Shift

Close the Current Shift.


Shift Report

Get the Detailed Shift Report including PDF Format

Color Selector

Customize App with your own colors

Artificial Intelligence Analysis

Detailed Analysis of Sales Distribution and Space Distribution in Two Levels

Artificial Intelligence Suggestion

Using Artificial Intelligence APP Suggests Most Suitable Tickets for each Box

Feature Add-ons to Lottery Artificial Intelligence I + RTN’s Comprehensive Annual Support Plan

Add-on Features
  1. Fix Sold Out Ticket: If any ticket is marked as Sold Out in error, you can easily reactivate it with this option.
  2. The Activated ticket in inventory can only be activated once.
  3. The tickets available in inventory only be activated.
  4. Included Sold Out Option.
Comprehensive Support
  1. Technical & Maintenance Support on Web and Phone (Online support is provided through Teamviewer Commercial).
  2. Complete access to all the features of LAI I with version updates and data, inventory management services available free
  3. Technical Field Support at your premise at special rate